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I'm sitting at my desk. It's lunch time. The office is empty, but I'd already eaten the contents of the local sweetshop before 11am, so I've nothing to do. Hence, here is a photo.

1. Gmail. My love, my saviour, my life. In my old job, you couldn't access gmail at work, and I honestly don't know how I survived it. As you can see, it is complete with obligatory chat window, for bothering people who are actually trying to work.

2. Times Crossword online. Another saviour, though I shan't admit how shamefully often I have to phone my Grandmother for the answers.

3. Shake. Actual work! I know, it's amazing. Nodes, nodes, nodes. Here, have some code:

Saturation7 = Saturation(0, 0.7);

// User Interface settings

"nodeView.Saturation7.t", "0",
"nodeView.Saturation7.x", "-1612",
"nodeView.Saturation7.y", "-9623"

Yeah, liked that, didn't you, tech-sluts?

4. My wallpaper. I'm on the PC of my boss while he's away, and his wallpaper is a VERY close-up picture of a comb, with hair in it. It actually makes me feel physically sick.

5. MERLIN! Yes, that's right. I bought my DVDs in with me today. No one can see my screen from here, so I listen to episodes and commentaries while I'm at work. And sometimes I watch the extras on youtube. Oh, Merlin. Oh, two screens. How I love you both.

6. Letter to my Mum. I'm having to post my repeat prescription to her, and I'm very late with it, which is making my anxious all at the same time as I'm being lazy about posting it. How silly.

...So if we analyse this section-by-section I think we can see that my workspace is roughly 16% work. What percentage is yours?

Meanwhile, I'm getting excited about Red Nose Day for the first time in years! Mostly because I'm hoping the Merlin peeps will do something for it.
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