Jan. 5th, 2010 09:28 pm
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Have come to the airport to meet 1TL. Sadly, his flight is delayed, so I'm killing time by using the MOST EXPENSIVE INTERNET IN THE WORLD. £1 for ten minutes. I suppose it's to discourage people from hogging it, but still. I could have used the net on my phone, but my battery is flagging (as always, it feels).

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if I'm in the correct terminal. For reasons that don't need explaining at this juncture, I'm winging it a little. 1TL doesn't actually know I'm going to be here.


I dreamt last night that I was in Jurassic Park. Not the movie, the place. And I kept getting nibbled on by velociraptors. I remember very clearly in my dream complaining that why didn't they take the killer dinos out after the last disaster, but clearly no one cared.


By the way, before I forget AGAIN... thanks so much to all the people who gave me snowflake cookies. They warmed my heart as only a snowflake cookie can.


I feel like I'm wishing my net time away with this countdown thing. Also, the more my minutes go down, the more the flight delay goes up. I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas. I spent it with my friend E, who is getting married in April in Las Vegas and wants me to go. I'm havering, mostly because of my horrendous fear of flying.


This may be my most boring journal entry ever. Perhaps the spelling errors will make up for it. There are interesting people using the computers beside me. One man is just tapping the keyboard. Not hitting keys, just tapping it. Another is swinging in his chair. I'm not sure I'd pay 10p a minute to spin in a chair. Maybe that's just me.


TV shows I'm enjoying at the moment: Gavin & Stacey - which I'm including even though it just ended, because I'm still rewatching; Merlin - ditto; Better Off Ted; Psych - can't wait for the season to resume; Chuck - can't wait for the season to start. And probably more, but those are what spring to mind now.


I'd like to see a Merlin/Arthur AU of Gavin & Stacey. Could be charming.


Ok, I've resorted to checking out the talent coming through the gates. Of which there is not much. Argh, his flight has been delayed by another three minutes, making 47 in total. I suppose it could be worse.

Outside it is snowing gently, but thickly. As I drove along the A4 flyover with Radio One crackling on my poor car radio, it felt like one of those perfect moments.


I'll stop spamming you now, and start poking the people on my chat list for a little while. Happy New Year!
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In the past 6 days [ profile] rageprufrock and I have:

4 bottles of wine
3 bottles of beer
3 gin and tonics
2.2 bottles of champagne
2 pints of cider
1 pint of guinness
been eaten by the hedgerows once
lost one parking ticket
Eaten in 8 restaurants
spent 27 hours in the car
visited 12 towns and cities
visited 3 castles
wandered around 2 cliff-faces
fallen over on rocks a lot
tripped up narrow castle staircases several times
lied to surveyors for the National Trust
secreted 1,300 (approx) insects about our persons after time spent frolicking amongst wildflowers
gotten lost countless times

In conclusion:

have some morally dubious Merlin slave AU )


Apr. 17th, 2009 01:17 pm
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So the marvelous, wonderful and enthralling [ profile] rageprufrock is coming to London! We're thinking of organising a fannish meet-up for one of the nights - if you'd like to join us, please fill out the poll below! It will be in the evening on one of the following dates:

[Poll #1385154]
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How cool it would be to make a comic book in which the hero is SuperEgo! and his arch nemesis is Billy the Id.

In it, Billy the Id runs around town all day with his Supersonic Indulgence and/or Death Ray, getting people to order dessert and tell their in-laws to fuck off. Meanwhile, SuperEgo! trails behind, giving the victims his Buckle Down or you'll Never Make Anything of Yourself speech.

You could even have E.G.O. as some kind of mild-mannered and possibly-robotic sidekick that Billy is always kidnapping and forcing to watch porn and take mid-afternoon naps.

Ohhhhh, my God. I need to sleeeeeep.

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Right now, there is a window to my right, and through it I can see the Albert Bridge. The sun is starting to set, and the lights on the bridge have come on.

I've got two hours and twenty-one minutes left of work (and counting). In that time I'll switch between Shake and Safari.

I'm also going through the Yuletide Merlin entries on my iPhone.

Work!crush is gorgeous as ever. I'm going to French Girl's on Friday for dinner, to see her new place. She's trying to get me to move in, but I'm not sure yet. Had raspberry Martinis in the Oxo Tower Bar on Saturday night. A round of three drinks cost £30. I love London by the river, best of all.

When I leave work I'll catch the bus to the station, and then sit on the floor of the train home (there are never any seats), fighting my OCD all the way. I'm winning so far today.


Dec. 17th, 2008 04:53 pm
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Conversations I have not had with workCrush:

Crush: Hey, Z, can you come over to the main table? We're going to have a quick meeting.
Me: I love you.

Crush: I think you just need to saturate the colours a bit-- and put a couple of greenscreen--
Me: I love you.

Crush: I think those prawns were off. I feel really sick.
Me: I love you.

It's been a close thing, though.

Yesterday, my Grandmother and I went to visit my 90 year old Great Aunt.

"I've got something for you," she said, handing me an old photograph. "It was taken by my friend Muriel."

"Oh, yes," my Grandmother said. "I met her once!"

My Auntie Cecily looked delighted. "Muriel Dearlove?" she beamed. "She looked like a boy?"

"That's right," my Grandmother nodded. "She came down to visit us in Surrey once, and her car broke down."

"Motorbike," Aunt Cecily corrected, still beaming.

This would have been in about 1950, I think. I'm completely infatuated by the idea of this woman. Muriel Dearlove, boyish photographer, riding around the country on her motorbike. A hot, female James Dean.

Later, in the car:

"What was that about her friend Muriel... what was it? Dearlove?"

"Yes, that's right," Gran said. "She never married."

"What a surprise," I laughed. "She looked like a boy and rode a motorbike. You don't think she might have been... you know... a lesbian?!"

"Well, yes, I did wonder."


Dec. 10th, 2008 09:34 am
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What I want to know is:

1. Why aren't there more stories in which John and Rodney break the bed?
2. Why, after I woke up in the night to go to the toilet, knocked over a shelf on the way there and broke the phone that was resting on it, when turning on the light to try and assess the damage, did the lights have to fuse?
3. Why, when I heard an obscure song playing in the taxi last night, did I assume that the driver had exactly the same taste as me, rather than realising I'd left my iPod on in my bag?
4. Why aren't there more Regency AUs?
5. Why does it turn me on when workCrush says anything even vaguely geeky? i.e. 'We're using a terrabyte of space on the server'?
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This is the story of how being head over heels for someone at work can lead directly to being hungover, in Camden, typing on a French keyboard.

Woke up in Camden this morning with my liquid eyeliner halfway down my face. Went out with French Girl last night, started out in Soho, in Trash Palace and the Candy Bar, then on to World's End in Camden (which of these things is not the same?)

This is all because after work on Friday my colleagues invited me to the pub (shock! horror!) and I sat there as they all discussed the amazing and wonderful things they were doing this weekend with their husbands, wives and lovers. I realised what a total saddo loner I am, and panicked for a while.

So I was proactive: I phoned French Girl.

"I am watching Battlestar Galactica!" she exclaimed down the phone: "I am so in love with Starbuck! She is so butch!" (don't forget to imagine the French accent. It makes it all that little bit more interesting.)

"Let's go out drinking!" I pleaded.

"I will take you to gay bars in Soho," she said: pleased, I think, that I was finally coming out from under my duvet. Her text message the next day read: We re gonna have some fun :)x

And it was fun, though it all went a little crazy around the time we got to Camden. We walked into this old-man-style pub and it was like one of those anarchic scenes in a St. Trinian's movie - hundreds of people just... rioting, basically. I immediately felt about 100 years old and grouchy. French Girl got straight up on one of the rickety tables and started dancing. I hoped the table wouldn't collapse.

Luckily, because I'd slept all day at home, I didn't fall asleep on the bar. We left at about two and made it back to her place, which continued the tradition of the evening: there being NO toilet roll in the whole of Camden.

French Girl has woken up now. She started talking about BSG immediately:

"Shit name, Starbuck, though. It makes me think of the coffee and I prefer Caffe Nero."

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1. Does anyone have a copy of my trailer for Hindsight? I never back anything up, and so don't actually have a copy of it anymore (I'm useless, I know), and I've had a couple of requests for it to be reuploaded... any help will be much appreciated. And I'll try not to be so crap at saving stuff. Lazlet is Queen of the world. Yis.

2. I walked past Jack Davenport in Soho the other day. Yes, that's right you lot. NORRINGTON. I walked past NORRINGTON. I may have swooned a little.

3. My nephew had this conversation with his teacher this week:

Teacher: That's a lovely drawing, L. What is it?
L: A boat.
Teacher: And what's this bit here?
L: The wanker.
Teacher: ...the what?
L: The wanker.
Teacher: And, ah, what is the wanker?
L: The wanker! To stop it wolling away!

Hee. He's so adorable!

4. I think I've lost faith a little. Since MTSD my creativity has been at an all-time low. I've done the odd thing, but nothing off my own back. Nothing that is a story I want to tell. Either I rehash tried and tested formulae, or I do something that compliments someone else's work - safe, safe, safe. It seems to be a combination of fear and laziness. While the majority of the response to MTSD was positive, in the wise words of Vivian from Pretty Woman "The bad stuff is easier to believe". I'm a little afraid to put anything out there again, and it's starting to frustrate me. I want to experiment and make weird and wonderful things, but... eh. Maybe I just don't have any good ideas. That's probably it. :)

5. Meantime, I'm alternately stressed at work or unemployed, fighting rabidly against another slide into mental ill-health, trying and failing to diet, because I'm stress-eating like a bitch. Sometimes life is just too darn hard, don't you think? I wish there was a company where you could hire a person to take over a portion of your life for you. Like, I'll deal with the job stuff, if they do my daily commute for me.

6. However, I'm loving 30 Rock and LEGO Batman, and my cute coworker, very much ;)
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I still owe people comments on my last post, which I'm still giving some thought to: it was extremely interesting reading people's thoughts on feminism and sexism; thanks to those who took part.

In the past few months I've been busier than I've been in my life before, hence the length of time since I posted regularly. However, the worst is (hopefully) over, and I wanted to get back into LJ.

I've seen a photos meme by various people, and since I see the same bloody things day after day didn't think a week's worth would make sense, but here, have a

Day in the life of me (in pictures) whilst very busy )
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[ profile] lifeinwords wrote Things Wot Have Happened in the Last 5 Months (in brief) and made me smile, and I figured that as I have been massively LJ-adjacent also, I would flagrantly copy pay homage to her idea and tell you what’s been happening with me.

So, in the last few months I have (Fandom stuff in bold, so you can skim!):

• changed my career for the way, way better
• moved back to London
• had sex with a Portuguese guy*
• bought the coolest ever remote-controlled miniature Apache helicopter (vid to follow, possible mixed with John Sheppard looking-hot-in-a-desert footage)
• watched Serenity for the first time since I saw it in the cinema (very brave)
• got PAID YAY
• made out with an Australian guy*
• read way too much Stephanie Laurens
• become addicted to Facebook (I know, awful)
• grown my first proper plants! That are probably dying right now with no one to water them. Hmmm.
• Missed [ profile] 2am_optimism, who was cruel enough to abandon me while she went home, or something. Tut.
• Recorded what felt like 6 million hours of audio for the Written by the Victors podfic!
• Started the SGA Multimedia Project of Doom. And then not known what to do with it. Considered posting what’s there. Rejected that on the basis that there is no actual STORY YET. John and Rodney haven’t even MET YET. Duh.

Yeah, that’ll do. Happy (early) New Year!

* Yes, there has been a lot of sexy stuff. But in my defence, I’m coming out of, like, a five-year dry-spell.
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This evening, driving:

Me: And now Dan's living in that old house where Nan's doctor used to work-- what was his name again?
Mum (with complete, calm certainty): Doctor Dyke.
Me:... Er, no, I think I'd remember that.
Mum: No, really, it was!
Me: Mum, Doctor Dyke sounds like a lesbian comic book supervillain.
Mum: Well, that was his name.
Me: Are you sure it wasn't Doctor Rugmuncher?
Mum: Don't, I'll wet myself.
Me: Bye Nan (ringing off) Mum. His name was Doctor Horsley.
Mum (as though she is not completely insane): Oh yes, that's it.

I honestly want to start a comic strip with Doctor Dyke as the protagonist.
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(Or, Life of an Administrator)

Firstly, a little disclaimer. This post contains details about the minutiae of my day that may bore the pants off you. Please check your pants if you read this.

So, I'm sitting on [ profile] 2am_optimism's couch, preparing to learn Premiere Pro. This is good for two reasons. First: vidding! Second: Day off work!

Quick query: we were chatting last night, and I told 2am that I definitely did not, in any way, consider myself a vidder. When you think of little ole zoetrope, do you think: "vidder"...? Just curious :)

So, it's been an interesting week.

On Monday mileage claims were due--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, mileage claims were due, and I'd run out of forms. This has never happened before, although I've been in this job for months. So I phoned my fellow lowly admin friend. The following happened:

B told me to phone repro, who told me to phone the general office, who told me to phone P across town, who told me to phone L also across town, who told me to phone audit planning... who told me I had to go see them and pick up said "controlled stationery". God, I hate this job.

Anyway, so I'm in my car, pootling along happily, when suddenly smoke starts pouring from under the bonnet. Smoke! Fire! I didn't know what to do! I parked the car, turned off the engine, got out and... locked my keys in the car! I'm so known for this that I always carry a spare set, but this time, because I was only popping out, I had left them back at the office.

So there I am, parked illegally on the Mayor's car park, with a smoking car and no way to get into it.

Hee, that was fun. It's all fine now, and that part of the story is way less exciting than the first part (yes, including the boring admin stuff), so I'll leave off. But still. Car on fire!! Very dramatic it was.

Ok, now for Premier Pro for Dummies and then lunch with [ profile] divine_miss_j. See ya!
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Ok, so it's 7:27 on a Sunday morning. I went to bed at 2am. I'm violently hungover, to the extent where it's painful to even lie in bed and you know that there will be no relief whatsoever for hours. Fucking white wine.

So, why am I up at 7:27 on a Sunday morning when I could be having a nice little sleepy? That would be because [ profile] 2am_optimism is an evil hag sent to torment me, and set her alarm for 7am.

She is now insisting that I get out of bed and, in her own words, "tidy the fucking room".

And she's also now insisting that I type this: (Or, in her words "the truth")

I owe her everything for taking a video clip - to be shown later - of Aaron Douglas cuddling a baby in a Superman costume. The baby, not Aaron. To this end I hereby promise her unspecified favours for an indeterminate span of time.

I'm adding to that a "pffffft". And also an Oh, Aaron. I LOVE YOU.

2am: "Ladon is MINE"
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They’re one of the few other creatures - I have come, in the past few days, to realise - that it’s not very objectionable to watch mate. I once saw a rooster try to take a hen, wandering vaguely by after a stray speck of grain, in a rough manner, from behind. Let me tell you, it’s not a sight I’d wish on anyone.

Butterflies, however, are another matter. They’ve been flitting in and out of hedgerows as I’ve explored the countryside in the past few weeks, lingering on the Buddleia bushes of great country houses and darting into my path - just to scare me, I’m sure - and a few times I’ve seen them mating, dancing around each other in the air, occasionally kissing wings and pulling apart, and it’s a sight that actually hasn’t repulsed me. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t turned me on either (thank goodness), but it seems a very delicate restrained way to make love, and the Victorian lady in me approves.

My I-Pod died. And then was resurrected! With thanks to the glory that is Anapod. Since its reincarnation, I have rechristened it Psmith. If you ask me to explain this, all I shall say is:

"I asked you to wear a pink chrysanthemum. So I could recognize you, you know."
"I am wearing a pink chrysanthemum. I should have imagined that that was a fact that the most casual observer could hardly have overlooked."
"That thing?" The Hon. Freddie Threepwood gazed disparagingly at the floral decoration in Psmith's buttonhole. "I thought it was some kind of cabbage. I meant one of those little what-d'you-may-call-its that people wear in their button-holes."
"Carnation, possibly?"
"Carnation! That's right."
Psmith removed the chrysanthemum and dropped it behind the chair. He looked at his companion reproachfully.
"If you had studied botany at school, comrade," he said "much misery might have been averted. I cannot begin to tell you the spiritual agony I suffered, trailing through the metropolis behind that shrub."

I feel like the past few months have taken me apart, brick-by-brick, and put me back together again differently. I don’t feel the same person, I feel cleaner and fresher and also slightly more sombre somehow and happier, but that might just be the sunshine and Shropshire countryside.

Every day I wake up and go to the gym, exercise for a while, shower and exfoliate, and then if the weather is nice I might go and sit by the outdoor pool. Then I meet my Grandmother for lunch and do the Times crossword, and afterwards go with her to some local country house and wander in the rose garden. After our very important mid-afternoon ice cream, I come home, and stitch (in medias res) and listen to Wodehouse or the Half-Blood Prince on audio book, and then spend the evening discussing Big Brother (I know, awful) with my Mum. We’re both addicted. Rather, I should say she’s a dealer and got me hooked, the cow.

Either way, I simply do a lot more now. I’m less content to sit around being introspective, I actually prefer to be out and about - after a quarter of a century I’m changing my habits, apparently. I spend little time online - sorry to all my sadly-neglected LJ friends - and more time with family, outside in the fresh air. All sickeningly healthy, actually. Don’t worry, it won’t last long.

Signing off for now. I hope you’re all well. I shall leave you with this thought:

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A friend's nephew recently had this conversation with his Dad. The kid is about four:

Dad: So, what do you want for your birthday?
Little boy: I want a Transformer... that turns into a Barbie
Dad: Er, well, you can't really get those. They usually turn into something like a car or an airplane...
Little boy:... Then I want a Barbie.
Dad: Well, you can't. You see-- Barbie's are really for girls.
Little boy:... Then I want to be a girl.


In other news, I've been having a major West Wing fest in the last few days, and a plot bunny has taken over my mind. Weir as the President, Rodney as the Chief of Staff, Zelenka as his Deputy etc etc... John as the hooker Rodney accidentally sleeps with, then tries to reform, and ends up falling in love with. *Sigh*
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I just got spam that said this:

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.

I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.

I love this, and feel like perhaps even Spam can sometimes be beautiful.
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1. (Or, how a diet can make you bleed)
For lunch, I decided to have a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I reached up above the draining board for the cereal box. As I pulled it out, the circular bread-board that was leaning quietly yet precariously against it, tilted and rolled. I reached up to stop it falling from the shelf, inadvertently knocking an empty jar off said shelf. This fell to the marble counter top and, amazingly, didn't smash. It did, however, knock another glass - one of my favourite glasses, given to me by my sister - off the marble counter and, in slow-motion, it fell to the floor, smashing so spectacularly that glass shot from one end of the kitchen to the other - some of it getting embedded in my foot on the way. Damn.

2. (Or, how you really should be careful with insert tab A into slot B)
I leant down to put my memory stick into my PC, and, because of not paying proper attention, managed to instead wedge it deep into my floppy drive.

3. (Or, It was so kind of you, but really. Did you have to?!)
Met up with my old boss last night for dinner. It was lovely to see her again, and catch up on old times. And she bought me a present. Now, I'm not much of a present person. It's a kind thing to do, buy people presents, but while I love giving presents, I'm not so keen on receiving. Anyway, I told a mate I'd post a picture of the present I received because it's just so... not to my taste. If you know what I mean.

Here you go: )
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