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Here's the second in a series of Bring Your Own Plot matte paintings that I've decided to do... I'm teaching myself how to matte paint at the same time, so bear with me *g*

Title: Witchelm

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So, I've been thinking of making a series of SG:A matte paintings, sort of story snippets in image form, or BYOP (Bring Your Own Plot!). This might end up being a series, as I hope, but might just be this one, depending on whether inspiration strikes again, I suppose. And how crazy work gets.

So, tentatively, this is the first in a series of BYOP!images.

Title: Drowned Valley

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Firstly, I'd like to point you in the direction of my website, now hosted by the gracious and wonderful [ profile] svmadelyn, here.

It should all be up there, but if you find a dead link of any kind, please do drop me a line!

Thanks so much, [ profile] svmadelyn!

Secondly, I've been making covers today for what is quite possibly my favourite story in SG:A: Ordinary Life by [ profile] astolat and [ profile] cesperanza. I'd been considering podficcing it, but then someone on sgapodfic said they were doing it, and I don't want to step on toes... so I decided to be arty instead *g*. Plus it's about time I exercised that muscle. So to speak. Anyway, I couldn't decide which cover I liked best, so I made a kind of mosaic of them all. Click the tease for the full version


Hope you enjoy! :)
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At this rate I may have to put an 'Odds and Sods' page on the website.

This is something I made to illustrate the following passage in MTSD:

Years later, when asked, John would say that his abiding memory of those months in England was rain.

The kind that hammered messily against his window in the morning, the sneaky afternoon sort of rain which seemed light and yet soaked you through in seconds, and the heavy summer showers that fell in straight sheets and had you running for the nearest cover.

Oh. Also, the first time he kissed Rodney, he tasted of rain.

Nothing like the English countryside and summer lightning. :)
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Very quickly, before I faceplant onto my keyboard with tiredness...

The original idea for MTSD was to have "found" fragments behind the images on the various pages - some would be visual, some audio, some text. With that intention I created seperate pages for John and Rodney - their private spaces on the base, if you like - each with several clickable objects (based on JK Rowling's website, which I adore).

However, when I ended up changing the final format, I had to modify them slightly to fit. I managed to keep Rodney's desk as an "images" page, so the effect was retained. John's bed, however, ended up largely obscured.

Behind the cut, for your edification, is the full, clear image.

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I'm determined not to fail on only my second day of PEDM.

The below is a manip that I made for MTSD, but was discarded.

While I was very pleased with the way it came out, it didn't really fit anywhere into the story, and also I wasn't quite sure what kind of identity card it actually is! My favourite thing is actually the signature, which was hand-drawn pre-wacom, so using a mouse. Quite the achievement if you ask me ;). Anyway, it ended up on the cutting room floor. Hopefully, you'll enjoy seeing it now!

I'm going to do a few tutorials during this month as well, I think, including a few manipping specials - hints and techniques I've employed to make a successful manip. If anyone has any requests or specific queries, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do!
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Ok. I'm going to join the delightful [ profile] cincodemaygirl and try and do Post Every Day Month. I've been fading away from LJ a little, largely because fandom is the proverbial dodo, but this makes me sad, so my goal is to have something fannish to say or do every day this month.

Firstly a rec of something I came across today and it completely charmed me:

Bertie Wooster, Cryptographer, or The Code of the Woosters, Redux!.

A lovely piece of Jeeves/Wooster told through images - so of course I like it! - and very very nicely done.

Now, I'm going to raid the deepest darkest recesses of my computer folders and unearth some of the myriad things that, for whatever reason, I made and then discarded.

Today it's a picture from the Porn Star AU [ profile] 2am_optimism and I were playing around with privately aaages ago. We never got past the fun stage to producing something real, but here's a pic of John Sheppard in eyeliner because... well, there should always be John Sheppard in eyeliner.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting random things made for Missed the Saturday Dance that never made the cut. See ya!
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I've finally had the time -- and the creative inclination - to make something for the wonderful and marvelous [ profile] yin_again. It is her birthday soon, and this is for her Yinathing challenge, something for one of my favourites of her stories...

This is posted early as, with my memory, things are better done while I'm thinking about it!


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Sorry to spam, I'm just really really bored.

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Saturday afternoon. Just me, 2am, a stylus and way too much time on my hands.


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I'm feeling the love on Livejournal at the moment.

You guys are all so supportive and kind. I've had lovely things said about me over at [ profile] svmadelyn's valentines post - though, [ profile] hackthis, you did a very poor job of disguising yourself. *g*

Also, I won the Fanart category in the [ profile] mcshep_awards for Missed the Saturday Dance, which, yay! Thank you for all those who voted for me. I know these thanks are terribly late, but I really really appreciate it. You give me the warm fuzzys. Fuzzies? Either way.

[ profile] rageprufrock and co have been doing an amazing job over at [ profile] 14valentines, and have made me alternately roar with laughter and weep with cathartic pain. Some wonderful entries, and if you haven't already I strongly urge you to check it out. And if you only read one thing, make it be Out of West by Pru, because it's... one of the best things you'll read, ever.

Pru put so much time and effort into 14 Valentines that she deserves love and chocolates and her very own John Sheppard to play with. Barring that, go feedback and tell her how great she is.

Also, as part of 14 Valentines, we've managed to raise almost $200 for V-Day! This is just so amazing, I can't believe how endlessly generous you guys are. I still have to tot up the final totals and post it all officially, but I just had to squee - I didn't think we'd raise anywhere near that much!

Finally, I had a great time at Peg2, and met some lovely people there, which also made me feel the love - including some of the cast that I met who were lovely*.

Now, so that this post has some actual, you know... content. I've been making posters for A Dog's Breakfast because I'm just that sad. It's great fun, though. I could do it for hours. If you want to have a look, they're linked at the thumbnail below:

Hope you like!

*Secret message to Cinco: IM me to find out about their reactions - I want to tell you real time!! ♥
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2006 was a year I'd rather forget, so moving right along, I give you reason #379,927,098 why everyone should watch and love The Mighty Boosh. This is dedicated to spreading a little happiness :)

And, er, just so this has some SG:A content... I love John Sheppard.

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I blame the Kings of Leon for the fact that I'm really really in the mood for reading some hot, sweaty John/Rodney sex, in which they get drugged off-world and spend 72 hours in a little tent, fucking their brains out. There would be the obligatory we-shouldn't-be-doing-this angst - because eight out of ten fans prefer it! - and then when they get back to Atlantis a good level of denial, combined with seeking each other out and having silent almost-fully-clothed fucks against walls and in transporters, before carrying on with their days. It would end with-- no, fuck that. It would never end. It would be endless.

In other news, the other day, [ profile] prudentia asked if there was a jpeg version of the John and Rodney in bed shot that you see at the end of the trailer for Pru's Hindsight. There is indeed, behind the cut.


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Oh, I should probably mention that I've been doing some art stuff for [ profile] undermistletoe for the past couple of weeks. Check out my entries here and here.
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This project has been a year in the making, and includes video, audio and stories. I have a passion for history, [ profile] 2am_optimism has a passion for planes, and this is what happened when the two worlds collided.

ETA 2 - This project is now kindly hosted by the Organisation for Transformative Works.

Huge thank yous to my betas, [ profile] 2am_optimism, [ profile] iseult_variante, [ profile] rossywar, [ profile] cincodemaygirl, [ profile] serialkarma.

I hope you enjoy!

A video trailer for this fic is behind the cut )

You can download a hi-res version of this trailer here:
You can download a text file of the full story here:
or in plain text here:

ETA - I get a lot of queries about the song in the trailer. It's "Everything Depends on You" by the Delta Rhythm Boys.
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Another handful of animated SGA icons.

Cut for S3 spoilers right through to episode 9 )
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So, I need your opinions, dear flist. Like many people, I've succumbed to convention madness, and my chance to embarrass myself totally in front of A Celebrity. Namely, David Hewlett. I don't usually get things signed - I don't really care that much about autographs - but I was thinking it might be cool to have a poster of the below graphic printed up (it's full poster size) and get as many autographs as possible on it. Then I thought I might frame it and auction it on Ebay, giving all the proceeds to charity.

What I need to know is: is this a good idea, or the rantings of a big ole loser?

Tell meeee!

Click to enlarge

[Poll #822579]
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Just a handful, so they're going here rather than in my icon journal.



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